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Klastes is a multi-medium platform facilitating the collaboration between artists and designers to create one-of-a-kind objects. Serving as a symbolic disruption between the art and fashion institutions, Klastes is exploring art outside the gallery. By reimaging traditional collaboration, we are creating a space that challenges the modernist idea of how art is traditionally viewed.


Klastes enters contemporary art with the brand’s first collaboration between designer, Brooke Gerson, and artist, Justin Bower, the production of a limited-edition leather jacket. Gerson’s hand stitched leatherwork technique pairs harmoniously with Justin Bower’s painterly style, drawing from abstract brush strokes and delicate stitching inspired by the California landscape. Combining Gerson’s careful designs with Bower’s thick impasto painting, the jacket transforms into a three-dimensional artifact combined with the two-dimensional image of Bower’s ‘Feedback Loop II.’




Brooke Gerson is a Los Angeles-based designer. She has made custom pieces for private clients, as well as for film and music industry professionals. As a designer, she is known for her attention to subtle formalist details, such as her signature leather hand stitch.
Justin Bower is a painter. Bower’s work has been shown at art fairs including: Zona Maco Mexico (2014), The LA Art Show (2014), Art Miami (2013), Los Angeles Contemporary Art Fair (2011 and 2013). He is currently represented by Unix Gallery in New York.

Soft Lamb Leather, hand stitched and sewn together.
Hand stitched pattern unique to each piece.
Individually numbered and signed by Artist, Justin Bower.
Fully lined with ‘Feedback Loop II’ Print on Silk.
Accompanied by custom garment bag and booklet.
Requires 42 hours of artisan work to produce.
Handmade in Los Angeles.


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